Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Comics & Graphic Novels & Literature I've Read or reading

I was recently recommended by some one (Bunny Panda) on the blog to look at "Y the Last Man" I really enjoyed the concept of the idea in this book, a disease as wiped out all the men in the world with the exception of Yorrick! We are lead to believe that the Y stands for the "Y" Chromosome the genetic make up of mankind, but it also could stand for "Yorrick!" as well! I was struggling to remember if there might be some cross over with the Shakespearean Character of the same name, but seeing as he died lets hope not! It looks as if every male creature in the world has died out with the exception of Yorrick and his pet monkey Ampersand. So a lone man in a world full of women, so like a potential dream, but not in the hands of Brian K.Vaughan. I liked it and will be looking out for the other books in the series!
Currently on the bedside cabinet is Jamie Hewletts "Tank Girl" I picked this up just because of the cartoonist Jamie Hewlett and hie impact on British Culture. I think that this is probably the closest think in style that crosses the bridge between Manga Art and British cartoon drawing. Hewlett know also for "Gorillaz" also did the animation for the BBC China Olympics Promos. Taking an old character "Monkey" and reinventing him in his unique style!


When I first took up the challenge of doing a cartoon and comics course, the one name everyone shouted at me was Scott McCloud! If you are serious in doing anything creative with comics there are 2 gods who you must read. The other is Will Eisner who I hope to write a bit on in future blogs. Scot has produced 3 outstanding books the first "Understanding Comics The Invisible Art" is an insight into comics that many of us have never thought possible. The way images are drawn and perceived, he explains in depth how the panels work to help to portray the passage of time, and probably the most important element is the bit the reader never sees, the space in between the panel!
Above is the "Making Comics. Storytelling Secrets of Comic, Manga and Graphic Novels" 

His other book is

"Reinventing Comics. How to imagination and Technology are revolutionizing an Art Form"


  1. Some great info there Dr. Tooth. I may have to get me hands on a copy of one of Scott McCloud's books!

    Well done Bunny Panda for suggesting "Y The Last Man". Sounds like an ace comic/story!

    As regards to my favourite comic/drawing books, I absolutely LOVE "The Book of Bunny Suicides" by Andy Riley. :-)

    Mrs. Ball

  2. Nice one Mrs Ball! You can borrow it from me if you want, easy read with some interesting twists, didn't want to say it in the blog, but it looks as if the world falls apart with out us me lol (Just joking)
    Bunny Suicides is excellent, I was hoping to do a bit of a spread on the Xmas books available, Su Bo's Cat and others
    Have you got a blog up and running?
    Dr Tooth

  3. I have a super old blog as I don't have the time to keep updating it. I rely on my website primarily for info and the such, but who knows, maybe I shall start a blog in the near future! :-)