Sunday, 23 January 2011

Comic Heroes Magazine

For those interested in All things cartoon and comics and cartoon and their associated worlds (Such as TV & Film) I would recommend Comic Heroes magazine. It is initially once every 4 months but there is talk to it going Bi monthly!! This month it looks at the 4th book in the Alan Moore series of League of Extraordinary Gentleman which is based in the 1960's! It features all the old favourites from Allan Quatermain (rejuvenated from the fountain of Youth) to Mina Harker (Count Dracula's first victim!) It also bring you up to date on the other books in the series.
Above is an image from the new League book which I love. Seeing as it is based in the 1960's they have been very clever with some of the iconology in there! Panel 1 starts it off with clear reference to "Steptoe & Son" and is that Hitler alongside? And is that Alfred Hitchcock making a guest star appearance? Panel 4 has a subtle reference to "Monty Pythons Flying Circus" because I swear that is the "Ministry of Silly walks!" so there is some thing for everyone hidden inside these images and you've probably seen a few more than I mentioned!!

Paul Gravett writes an excellent piece on the double life of Moebuis and Jean Giruad the two sides of one of France's most brilliant geniuses

Britain's Forgotten Heroes by Lew Stringer had me saying out loud, I remember them etc as well who?

21 Years before Bob Kane put pen to paper and created Batman, there was another caped crusader "Batsowl!" appeared in Illustrated Chips in 1918. By day this British hero was meek Desmond Devance, 20th Earl of Batsowl, and by night he became a masked being who flew with huge bat wings that folded into a cape.

Strange but True! Anyway go out and buy and more importantly....Enjoy

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