Sunday, 7 June 2015

MCM Success

2nd Years take MCM by storm!

It can only be consider a success with 22 students from the cartoon and comic arts course at Staffordshire university all descending on to the capital city to take part in the  London MCM Expo event at London Docklands, 
The cohort was split into 4 groups of between 5 & 6 students and they as a group had to become a publishing house and go about, coming up with a an ethos for the team, produce individual comics, go about advertising MCM and their work and then proceed to sell them.

Gareth and Adrian enjoying a drink with 3rd Year student Becci (Awkward Bex) and Liam 

 Gareth Catches up with students at Greenwich, discussing plans for tomorrows event 

 A couple of 1st years students tagged along with the intentions of enjoying the event and going in as Cosplay Characrers

HEX Comics

Picture above is with all the team from Left to right Christina, Zu, Simon, Brad and Ross

Hex on their way to London, looking quite happy

First incident at table Hex, Simon spills his drink on the table 

A well drilled emergency display kicks in as they clean up, with special help from ZU

Thats better Photoshoot with Zu & Simon

Simon and Brad

A new method of selling comics Christina and Ross.

Techne Comics

Nadia and Tara at the stall selling their comics

Nick and Kate set up position to do commissions  

Maisy shows a first year Phoenix how to sell work at MCM 

Natasha selling her comics

The Super Comic League

Jay and Megan take control behind their table

Chizi and Emily show their technique to draw people over to their stall

Jay and Megan try a different attack to draw people over to their table.


Reuben and Sam adopt some strange methods  

Vicky and Sonny 

Rob and Izzy 

From Left to right, Chelsea and Rhonna don their Cosplay, Ross... is just Ross, The Arthur Daley of the Comic Village Zu  

Our very own Becci AwkwardBex at the convention 


Rob Cureton the master of Orful Comics. Ex Animation student at Staffs Uni

One of the first students to graduate from Cartoon & Comic Arts Esme Baran, still going strong and now selling Undine Figurines.

Hidden in all that is Millie (Snail lover) Harrop.

Claire Smith - also did a lecture to 2nd years students about the do's and don'ts of selling at conventions. We are hoping to get her back next year (Sept 2015) as well

Phillipa Rice Ex Animation student and brilliant comic book artist and illustrator. 

Lex Harford hiding behind her big box.

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