Friday, 12 June 2015

Degree Show Build 2015

3rd Years prepare for Degree Show

This years see's cartoon and comic arts 2nd lot of students graduate. As is now the practice at the end of the  the whole of the Art & Design department goes about putting on an end of year show. Comics once again played an important part in this.

Below is a visual documentation of how the show came together and the various in carnations it went through.

So Starting off with the room we were allocated. It was the same one as last year where it held 10 students, this year there was to be 12, so this meant that false walls had to be built and work had to be printed and put up.

Above shows the initial starting point, the room with the boards in ready for the interior walls to be built 

The partially built side wall was to allow 3 students to display their work 

The corner piece was taken out to allow for the space to be used more effectively 

The final panoramic view of the area in Henrion Room H009

After that the students moved in to start the job of turning the area into their Degree Show Space

We tried to stop the paint being put on the floor honest with the plastic wrapping 

It was great to see how everyone stood around and waited for Becci to stir the paint

then with a few well chosen adjustments the team kicked in 

The paint was stirred enough

and teh magic started to happen

yep... missed a bit. 

Once the room was done, the furniture was moved to one side to allow the floor to be polished.

Artwork submitted 

Kieran Hayes

Callum Lawrence-Bardsley

Will Kellioh

Michaela Betts

Ryan Moss

Will Vaughan

Reece Palattao

Becci Such

Emma Buxton

Connie Skerrett

Michaela Clark

Currently missing is Pete Dawson's work which is an animation which I hope to up load soon 

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