Thursday, 7 February 2013

Staffs uni London Super Comic Con

Staffs Uni London Super Comic Con

Today's Cartoonist is a cartoonist in every sense of the word. If you like the world of Monty Python or outlandish stuff such as family Guy or American Dad then this is an artist who you can definitely get to grips with.
Millie Harrop produced a fully coloured Graphic Novel which deals with an unusual friendship between the driver and the locomotive. A comic which definitely is aimed at the more mature end of the Graphic novel market. This lovely and well produced story is one of bullying, misery and finally friendship in what can only be considered as an off the wall love story. 
Millie has a strange an unique sense of humour and she is definitely one to watch as her story has had the whole of cartoon and comic arts talking and it has already become a much wanted and desire comic. 

Millie Harrop "The Train Who Couldn't Fly!" will be on sale at the London Super Comic Con 2013


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