Monday, 11 February 2013

Staffs Uni London Super Comic Con

Staffs Uni London Super Comic Con

Nigel Morey or Cheshire Morey is a young and up and coming artist from the Isle of Wight. With a love of steam punk and the slight macabre, this is a story to send shivers down your spine. 

Cheshire Morey has a love of musicals and the comic "Monster Nature" opens up with the theatre company just finishing of their recital of a Gilbert and Sullivan play, The story is based around a young lad who has a desire to become the best reporter he can.

Unfortunately due to a working accident when he was very young, he lost both his legs and now thanks to his adopted father type figure, manages to get around using artificial implants. The story takes our young hero to discover what is happening to all the people who are disappearing in the smog. 

 Cheshire Morey "Monster Nature" is available at the London Super Comic Con 2013

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