Thursday, 17 March 2011

Libya what next! hopefully political satire!

Political statement

While doing some research into characters for the Tempus Noble story, I began to feel a bit frustrated with what is happening in Libya. Now I'm not a political animal but I do find it absolutely amazing how suddenly no one has an opinion and is unwilling to do anything except talk. I'm sure I saw all this once in a Monty Python film! The other thing was the Con-Dem saying they wanted a No Fly Zone over Libya and in the same breathe saying they were axing 2 squadrons of Tornado fighters and cancelling and sacking all the new pilots being trained up at the moment. Am I the only who think we have been Con-Dem-med by this government with short sightedness in their attempt to help out all their banker mates, still collecting big bonuses in the City of London?


  1. Ade, you're not alone in this. The ConDems have sold us down the river. Good thing is they've alienated their core voters so there's no chance of a re-election.

  2. Solidarity brother! problem is now who do we vote for? I'mall in favour of invading London and start a push for democracy in our country!