Monday, 21 March 2011

Libya, Bahrain & Yeman, lets pick and choose who we help

50 people shot by snipers in Yeman, Saudi Troops move into Bahrain to quell protesters and shots are heard ! So we're doing a good job at keeping Gaddafi's air force on the ground, not that there was much actually happening in the first place! What makes what happening in Libya different? Maybe it was Gaddafi's threat to go door to door and kill people who showed any defiance towards him! With Sarajevo still a reminder to everyone about what could happen when international opinion waivers it is probably the right response. But what about Yeman, where American has piled in money to help the government to fight  Al Queada and the rich oil deals we have with Bahrain, should we be doing a little more to stop whats going on here!

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