Tuesday, 31 May 2016

3rd Years getting ready

Degree Show Night Preparations

once again its that time of year when Cartoon and comic Arts students put on the degree show. The last 2 have been successful but small, with only 10-12 students exhibiting. This year we have 21 ready to go and sell their work. So this meant we needed a bigger studio to display their work. 

First job was to tape the joints in the boards to make the pace look as if it is one continuous wall 

this included taping the top of the boards as well, as you see Rob above doing 

 Zu leant his expert building skills to Kate and Maisy 

i think they got the hang of it ZU

Megan being ... Megan!

Some one missed a bit, but Tanra Studios were right in on it!

Almost done 

Nadia on her knees

Then here came the paint!

So many hands doing the job the white was soon on the walls... the floor... the ceiling and everywhere else.

Wanting to keep the show as it is intended as a gateway for students to sell their work to the members of the public meant we needed a space that was still in the main area of the degree show. 

The Boss came in to help/hinder us. Here is Becci who helped organise the whole show!

People turned up appropriately dressed 

Tasha found and interesting way to keep paint off her. Having handled one of her paint brushes you soon realised why and how.

Team work in action. Emily painted the bottom of the door and simon did the top 

Zu goes above and beyond

Nick at full stretch

Zu becomes the handy man!

Despite us moving to a new area behind Fine Art, it was generally decided that its not a great place for people to find, let alone create enough general foot fall for people to buy their artwork.

This year sees Cartoon and comic arts in the main Life drawing room, which in hindsight is adpt as they are some of the main people who use the space.

It was a great Team effort in the end and it was great to be able to go out and celebrate it in style 

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