Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Studio Redecoration

Studio Redecoration 

We thought it might be an idea to redecorate the studio space. With over 35 new students in September there was amply opportunity and labour to do the work. 

The 1st years were give the chance to do some research of comic characters from around the world. They picked one and painted it on the wall 

Sam (NOVA) Pye did...NOVA

Not sure what Charlie is doing here, but we caught her in the act 

This is the 3rd year area, where the geniuses of Rob Beiganski and Brad Sharples hang out 

The other corner is occupied by the Shy and retiring Nadia William, the not to shy Holly McCormack and Emily Moore 

2nd year area with Tony and Paul working on their project for sale at Londons MCM in MAY

Down the corridor towards my office.

Caught the labs Michael Leyland, Nial Conner and Rory Bond painting on the walls, or is it graffiti? 

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