Friday, 22 January 2016

Life Drawing with a difference

Ariel and Pole Society lend a hand 

The Cartoon & Comic Arts award was lucky to be able to have some assistance from the Staffordshire University Student Union Society The Ariel and Pole Society.

We organised a class where we aimed at getting the student to draw dynamic poses. As you can imagine it is quite hard to get people to hoover above the ground in a pose. That is until you use the help of the society and its members who use a pole for fitness. This killed two birds with one stone (so to speak) as it enabled the dedicated fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to practice their skills and at the same time enabled the comic artist a chance to quickly sketch the pose as they held it for as long as possible.

Doing this made it so the student didn't have time to over think the work, they had seconds to capture the body in the air. So you could sketch and pick at your work. You had to be strong and bold, and it forced the student to make a decision and put the mark down on the paper.

Overall we were very happy with the end results.    

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