Saturday, 1 November 2014

1st Year Students In Londo

London here we come

Last week cartoon and Comic Arts newest intake went to London. 

The aim was to get them thinking about what comics are and introduce them to the many and varied ways that comics influence our society. 

The trip to London started off with a bit of culture and the students were sent into the British Museum to seek out where Comics or sequential art has been used through out history. 

Afterwards we headed off to see Comics in their now natural place, the Comic Shop, before heading to China Town for a meal.

The following day the students went to the Cartoon & Comic Museum in Russell Street to see satirical cartoonist work by William Hogarth.

 In the afternoon Gareth Cowlin Took them to Sommerset House to see the exhibition by the Association Of Illustrators, while I headed off to London ExCel arena to set up the stall for MCM.
Saturday saw the students in MCM exploring yet another element of Cartoon & Comic Arts and how its influence has reached out across the UK to include Games, Manga, Independent Comics and Merchandising. 

 Cartoon and Comic Arts first graduating students setting up base camp in the Nova Hotel. There were there running their own stalls and selling their work

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