Wednesday, 13 March 2013

London Super Comic Con

We came, we saw, we conquered!

Well its been a few weeks since the London Super Comic Con. I've been flu-ed up to the eye balls, but it is time to report back on what happened and if we were successful. 
The aim was to go to London to see if we could sell Comics. Having received a grant from the University to pay for the table etc, the aim was to recoup the money for the table. We brought an expensive one compared to the Artist tables which sat at £50. Having a publishers table at £150, we set our sights quiet high to try and recoup that amount of money!!

The trip down was exciting as we took a wooden cut out of the awards Mascot Stanley. It caused a moment of interest on the tube down to the Excel Centre

The stand 
was set up in the exhibition centre and it is fair to say we were quite happy.


Jack went missing so I had to take a picture of him on his own.... when he finally returned!
With our goal being £150 to clear the costs of the table I'm happy to write that we sold more than £160 worth of comics and we made a slight profit (From the table not counting printing costs) The biggest seller was the Anthology "Hitchcock" which was also the most expensive comic retailing at £5 a copy. We sold out of them. But we have more than enough other copies to be sold at the Pop Up Comic Shop as part of the End of Year Degree show. I'll also be doing a second run of the "Hitchcock Anthology" and there will be new work on sale as well. This year the students are also producing a promotional animation of their comic to make people aware of it and get the word out there! So stay tuned!

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