Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cartoon and Comic Arts Trips

Manchester 2012

Recently the Cartoon and Comic Cohort along with Illustration and Graphic Design students headed off into the depths of Manchester to see the delights of the rain drenched town.

Above is the Gang on their own getting lost around Piccadilly, below the gang with Graphics and Illustration Students from Staffordshire University.

Needless to say, you let cartoonist out of the studio and they act.....like cartoonists!

Our first aim was to discover all the comic shops we could, John Hudson had recommended Magma Books, if only he knew what was around the corner and across the way from this shop.

£100 lighter I finally emerged from the depths of the vast comic libraries load with books and comics and headed off to Media City

While there we discovered Daleks, who apprehended me.....

But I managed to escape in the Tardis! 

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