Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Staffordshire University Graduation 2011

Staffordshire University Graduation 2011

Friday 15th July 2011 saw the Staffordshire University Animation cohort graduate and in time honoured tradition we had the photo shoot afterwards to show how delighted we were!! Above is the old 3D Character Animation & Special Effects Award who were mixed together with the animation cohort. Some did departed to VFX as well, though to me they'll always be 3DCA, I shaped and modelled them (there is a pun in there somewhere for 3Ders!) Unfortunately Dave Gower and Chris Leonard are missing from this photo but from Right to left
Dan Waterman (Creative producer for Carse & Waterman, google them and see what work they've completed while at university!)
Mitch Taylor (Brilliant 3D modeller and you can watch his film Beachcomber on Vimeo)
Chistopher Hazeldine (Another excellent modeller and a source for unwanted knowledge!)
Adrian Tooth
Devon Stewart (our own course DJ and has more fingers in different pies than anyone I know, he's moved to Bristol to be closer to the animation scene!!)
Iain Batchelder (already as a few freelance options signed up, so good luck with that!)
Colin Kaszynski (One of the hardest working individuals I know whom Microsoft Games at FMX wanted to talk to! I hope one day that he discovers his bed and has a lie down!)

This is the whole cohort along with Barry Purves who was awarded a honorary doctorate by the university for his work in the field of media and art. Barry has worked on many TV shows from postman pat to Wind in the Willows, and films as diverse as Tim Burtons Mars Attacks and alongside Peter Jackson on King Kong.

Well done to the Class of 2011

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